Monday, January 14, 2013

Should you become a freelance writer?
I’ve completed my novel The Consequential Element, started querying it, and am working on my second novel. I’ve also started considering something I never thought I would… entering the world of freelance writers. I recently purchased a book on the subject, and have also joined a freelance marketing site and newsletter.
As sad as it is, I’m suffering from something that is quite incurable, really, and it is affecting my work at my day job. My doctor recently diagnosed the disease. It’s called ‘My Day Job’. I suffer from an overwhelming desire to quit it. And I'm told that this disease runs rampant, especially among Americans. She said the only known cure of this sometimes dabilitating disease is to quit, however it comes with some pretty hefty side affects. Little to no income, for one.
The thing is, I’ve come to realize that by choosing to go the traditional route in my novel publishing, there is a very long waiting period between getting discovered and getting published. In the meantime my disease grows within me, and my hunger to be a full time writer blinds my logic and strong-arms my common sense. I have come to realize that I am willing to risk the side affects of the cure.
At one of the conferences I attended last year, I met a freelance writer who writes for a food magazine and a travel magazine. She couldn’t speak more highly of the profession. And the best part? It allowed her to quit her day job. Now she spends her days – and most nights – writing. She puts way more hours into writing than she ever did at her day job, but it’s her hours, her time, and her schedule. It works for her, and I have no doubt that it would work for me.
Here are some blog posts I’ve come across that may be helpful if you are on the fence about whether or not to start freelancing.
Are any of you freelance writers? I’d love to know. If you are, do you have a blog with good advice for freelancers? Feel free to post it in your comment. Maybe we could share a blog post on the subject.
Thanks for stopping by. As always, I wish you great success with your life and with your writing.
Dee Ann