Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Why Every Writer Needs to Be On Goodreads

Are your books listed on the ever-popular Goodreads? If not, you might give it some serious thought. And if you aren't familiar with it, I strongly suggest you give it a look-see. This could be the best move you make for your writing career.

I belong to Twitter, and I enjoy it. I have nearly 10K followers, have made some great friends, and have learned a great deal from the blogs I've been introduced to. But most of the people I meet on Twitter are fellow authors. Nothing against fellow authors. I absolutely love them. But they're doing the same thing I am - trying to find readers. Now, I'm all for supporting my fellow writers, but really, how many books do you think I can purchase and read? As much as I'd like to purchase each book that is offered, I just can't afford it. Instead, I RT (retweet), visit blogs, have guest bloggers, do author interviews, and give referrals as my way of supporting my comrades.

Now, back to Goodreads. My book is not in print... yet. I'm still in the querying process. But I joined Goodreads back in May of 2012 and I'm loving it. I've met great authors, joined great discussions, participated in reviews, and have built a following for my book - which, like I said, hasn't even been published... yet. I've been invited to guest blog, be interviewed, and be a guest speaker on action/adventure/thriller writing.

Not convinced that it's right for you? Check out this post by Jonathan Gunson from Bestseller Labs. He seems to think it's a pretty good idea.

Take a tour and see what you think. Drop me a line. I'd be honored to be your first friend. :)