Jason Andrew Bond

DAW (Dee Ann Waite): Welcome Jason Andrew Bond. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to help shed some light on a sometimes difficult scene to write - a fighting scene. You were so helpful in guiding me in writing fight scenes for my book that I thought it would be great to have you share your insights with my readers. So, lets begin.

Please join me in welcoming Riley Banks, author of The William S Club. Riley Banks writes sexy contemporary novels a la Jackie Collins and Sidney Sheldon. Her background is in journalism, which shows through in the fast-paced action of her novels. Having spent more than a decade living the pampered life of the expatriate wife overseas, Riley has plenty of rich experiences to colour her books and has created larger than life characters you love or love to hate. With plenty of raunchy sex, passion, scandals, drama, corruption, affairs, murders, glamor, suspense, love, heartache, secrets, betrayals, big money, power and exotic locations, there is more than enough for fans of many different genres.

I first met Madeline Sloane on goodreads. You see, I'm preparing to launch my first novel and needed some advice on pre-launch marketing. So I closed my eyes and threw a dart and it landed on Madeline Sloane. I asked my question and was instantly impressed with Ms. Sloane's friendliness and willingness to help a fellow author. She made me feel as if we'd been friends for years. I checked out her books and was once again impressed. The writing is certainly top shelf. This author is a pro from top to bottom, inside and out - an author worth following.

Stina Lindenblat used to write Young Adult books, until a friend introduced her to Easy by Tammara Webber. It was her first introduction to New Adult and she loved it. Since her characters have always been seventeen years old, it wasn't a huge stretch to have a heroine who was a year older. And the best part was she could finally write a contemporary romance. 

She loves writing fiction, especially novels. Her characters don't seem to want to shut up. The other thing that motivates her to write is the thought that her stories might make a difference in someone's life in one way or another. That's her biggest aspiration.

L.A. Cadieux's debut novel ONE LIFE is being published on June 20th through Evernight Teen Publishing. She is a YA/New Adult writer and social media-aholic born in Lac La Biche, Alberta, living in Calgary, Canada. Since childhood, she's been mesmerized by stories of fairy tales, knights, Greek and roman mythology and comic book heroes. Naturally, she wanted to create her own worlds/characters and set off on a long quest to write fantasy novels. Creative, yet business minded, she went on to earn a Degree in Management from the University of Alberta Augustana, specializing in Business Economics. She's a Project Manager by day (in IT) and by night she work on her stories. After shelving some of her earlier manuscripts she decided to focus on ONE LIFE, the first in a series of Teddy Owens Stories. As a proud mom of two - she spends her days and nights multitasking. Random facts: Tim Hortons coffee and ketchup chips are her vices. She's also a fan of the HBO and CW Networks. Her favorite book is Jane Austen's PRIDE & PREJUDICE.