Monday, July 1, 2013

The Story Behind The Novel

The Consequential Element began as a way for me to bring an issue to light for friends and family that I felt was important: China’s current near-monopoly of rare earth elements and the fact that the United States is 100% reliant on their importation of these elements.
What are Rare Earth Elements?
Rare earth elements play an important role in our everyday lives, as well as in the military’s use for the security of our country. With the way the world seems to be heading at present, I felt that the focus of health care and other mainstream issues – though very important – should be shifted slightly to include this either little known or often unspoken fact.
As I started writing what was first meant to be a non-fiction book, characters began to tell the story and I soon found myself wrapped up in their lives. One in particular is Danielle (Danni) Montgomery. An amazing individual who has suffered much, but wears her battle scars proudly as a victor and not a victim. She became a woman I admired and I felt honored to tell her story.
Though the book refers to the intended main issue, it is only a part of the true nature of this novel. There are mysteries to unravel, discoveries to be found, and lessons to be learned. In the end, we all will take a little something away with us.
Do you know something about the issues discussed? Have you read The Consequential Element? What are some of the discoveries you’ve found? How about lessons learned?