Thursday, December 13, 2012

I’ve entered the world of… waiting. Query letters have been written, two versions of synopses have been created (long and short), and my novel has been exquisitely polished. THE CONSEQUENTIAL ELEMENT has finally been launched into the outer realm of the agentsphere. Now, I wait. And wait. And wait some more.
Through my waiting process, I have learned several things about myself:
1.       I hate waiting
2.       I don’t have near the patience I thought I had (my kids told me this years ago, I refused to listen)
3.       My confidence has been replaced by doubt…no… panic is more like it
4.       I’m a stress eater – this was a shocker!
5.       I’m under-medicated
6.       I’m more moody and frustrated (compound that with menopause – yeah, that’s fun)
7.       I’ve developed Situational OCD (not sure if this is a proper diagnosis, but it accounts for the constant ringing of hands, checking email on the 60 second click of the clock, and sitting bug-eyed staring at a blank television screen while thinking that I need to check my email)
8.       My best friends are actually wine and chocolate, not my husband and sister, as I once thought
9.       I’m a nag to my dog (“Get off the damn couch!” I scold, and then moments later I sit and pat the cushion beside me. “Here, come sit by mommy.” (Yes, my dog is becoming as neurotic as me)
10.   I hate waiting (I know I already said that, but it bears repeating)
So, how do I cope? Here are a few things that seem to help with the above issues:
1.       I get involved in another project, whether it be another book, art, scrap booking, or house repairs. Anything to help take my mind off the fact that I’m waiting.
2.       Exercise. I belong to a gym and find that a good daily workout does wonders.
3.       Redesign several rooms in my house at once. Now THAT really helps.
4.       Go shopping, but don’t spend any money. (Hubby says it teaches restraint. He says, if I can do this, then this waiting gig should be a piece of cake. Yeah, hubby says senseless stuff, sometimes. But at least he makes me laugh.)
5.       Eat. (Okay, not the best advice, but the question was how do I cope, remember?)
6.       Keep submitting. Yep. For every rejection I receive, I send out two more to unsuspecting agents.
7.       Write. Anything. Just write. Start an Anthology; write poems, short stories, or my next novel. But, just write.
8.       Promote my book, work on marketing, build on my social network. Great everyday therapy.
9.       Be patient. (Yeah, that coming from me, of all people. Do as I say, not as I do.)
Let’s face it, the profession of writing is a huge waiting game. If you intend on succeeding, it makes sense to adopt a process that helps you be as efficient and productive as possible throughout the publishing journey.
This waiting thing isn’t going to go away. You have the waiting period of pre-agent, post-agent, pre-sale, and then after you’ve been lucky enough to sell, you will be waiting for your editor to work with you. Finished waiting? Not yet. Now, you will wait for the sales results, then wait for your royalty checks. And if and when you write your next book, you will begin the whole process over again. So, best advice? Get used to waiting. I can’t, but you’re a bigger person than me. You can do it.
Me? I’ve just decided to call the spa for an afternoon appointment. Hmm, maybe I should look them up on the NYSE. It’s about time I invest.
I know you didn’t ask for it, but here’s a piece of advice. Never sit and wait for someone else to fulfill you. You wrote a book. You know it’s good. You know someone will discover this for themselves. Until then, keep on moving forward… and WRITE.
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