Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Consequential Element

I've finally finished! Please read below about my new novel, The Consequential Element.

Roland Dupre, an archeologist on a dig in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, (DRC) Africa discovers a cave where a rare earth element called Promethium is found. As news of this discovery gets out, Roland soon finds his life in danger. In desperation, and to keep his greatest discovery from falling in the wrong hands, he creates a map, tears it in 4 sections, codes a notebook and sends the notebook and two sections to his niece, Danielle Montgomery. He disappears soon after. 

Danielle, once a captive of the People's Republican Army (PRA), a rebel force led by a ruthless killer named Obasanji, is now a woman living in Boston attempting to live a normal life. After receipt of this cryptic information from her uncle, Danielle, too, finds her life in danger. When she discovers her uncle's disappearance, and with no one to turn to to rescue him, it becomes apparent that she must return to the country that had taken her mother's life, and colored her own world black. Will she save her uncle? Will she save her country? Or will she choose revenge against the man who stole her life?

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